Budget Buoy


Budgeting is a vital process which should be scrutinized closely. Creating a plan to spend your money always keeps you on the safe side; following a budget or spending plan will keep you out of debt and proves to be a good assistance. If your finances are on the track, it will definitely back you up in the long run. So, to undertake this issue, you need to look close and find an optimum solution. In this baffling situation, Budget Buoy will prove to be an anchor sheet for those who are facing problems in managing their budgets.

“BrainX team is fast, efficient, hard-working and very responsive to all of my requests and concerns. They took the time to explain everything to me which was really helpful in determining the next course of action or finding a solution to a problem. They go above and beyond; they really care for their clients!”

Thea Nalls, Founder Budget Buoy


It was critical to build Budget Buoy using a design which will provide the users in-minute details about their budgets. When things become irrepressible, Budget Buoy needed to notify user whether this thing is in their budget or exceeding beyond their budget. It happens many time that users cooperate with other people, friends or relatives about the management of any event, and in the end your expenditures surmount your actual budget. In this regard, you can share the budget with all your friends and it will help all of you to spend according to your budget.


In the making of this productive application, firebase platform was used to provide the real time data. In Budget Buoy’s case, it provides you instant details about your budget and insight how you are going to manage your budget. To facilitate the user, native iOS and Android app has been built and user can use it without any internet connection. It’s a complete package to keep your budget on the right track.


It has far flung impacts because budget is always a thing of extreme importance. Budget Buoy will help you in saving your money. You won’t be squandering your money on petty things. If you have some definite objectives to achieve in your life, Budget Buoy helps you when it comes to money. It prepares you for future challenges because you don’t know what life has in its store for you. You can save your money and eventually save yourself from financial turmoil.