Babel Fish


Language barrier is one of the major problems faced by humanitarian organizations when they are on a field visit in a foreign country. Most of the translation applications are dependent upon the availability of internet but it is rarely available in most of the situations. Considering these challenges, a professor from University of Sydney approached BrainX to create an MVP app for translation of english to cebuano and vice versa.

“Very professional and responsive. Quickly and thoroughly addressed all issues, and ultimately delivered a high quality product. BrainX team were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

James Nealand


Impressive app designs were provided by Babel Fish team. Team BrainX had multiple discussion sessions on the features & translation server that needs to be integrated in the app to provide offline translation.


BrainX team built an android app that enables the interviewer to hold interviews with the Cebuano speakers. The app converts the user’s voice into text, translates it into other language and reads out the translated text. All the voice-to-text & translated messages are saved as a part of the interview in the app. The app also provides a feature to translate an audio file to text. Once an interview completes, app automatically syncs the interview data to AWS server for backup.

In Phase 2 of the project, team integrated Google Translate API for translation. User can now also configure settings to select whether they want to use android's built-in text to speech & speech recognition or the default one.